Wednesday, May 5, 2010

WFMW: Adventures in Potty Training

Although I started potty training my son before he was 2 we are just now making progress at almost 3. I didn’t push the subject because he gets frustrated easily when he can’t do something and there were many changes in our lives that I figured would set him back such as the addition of his little brother and the move out into the country.

My husband thinks it’s the move that has helped him. I know it has helped me become more organized and have a concrete schedule so perhaps it has helped him as well.
The method I use includes:

1) Regular ol’ diapers – no pull ups etc because, well, their EXPENSIVE. When he can go in the potty without many accidents we will go to the Cars underwear.

2) Tic Tacs for rewards. They don’t have enough of anything in them to be considered candy and I don’t bribe him with them. I try to focus on potty training being a sign that he’s a “big boy” and the tic tacs are just an extra.

3) I set a timer- I am scatter brained and I will forget he needs to go potty so I don’t expect his little toddler brain to remember without a reminder.

4) Punishment only if he tries to hide that he had an accident. Hiding it, to us, is the same as lying. If he comes to me and tells me he had an accident I’m no pleased but there is no consequence, only a reminder to do better next time.

5) Cars potty seat- it can’t hurt right?

I also give him a sippy cup full of juice when we head to the bathroom, I think it helps. And then we clap and cheer when he goes.
We have made real progress is just the past few days!

So that’s what works for me, what about ya’ll? I would love to hear how those with boys do on their potty training!

Ours is sitting down for now, do ya’ll teach ya’lls to stand or sit?
What kind of rewards do you use?
What ages did you start/finish?
I would love any tips, suggestions or questions.


God Bless,