Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Nesting and Changes

It has been a whirlwind of changes around here lately, both good and bad. We anxiously wait to hear news of a possible promotion for Jason while we have been completely reorganizing and rearranging the house.

This past weekend we emptied our large front closet and storage shed and went through everything, only putting back in what we had to have.  Everything else is being held back for a church garage sale in April.

This is also in preparation for moving my washer and dryer from my kitchen, to our large front closet and having an actual bona fide laundry room.  : ) 

In place of the washer and dryer I will have more counter top and some simple shelves covered by a curtain.  I hope to chair before and after pictures with you. 

Besides that we are steadily decorating the children's room. It has never really had a theme and what better time to make that concrete than before a new baby gets added?
We have decided on a rustic Americana theme with red white and navy.  It's as unisex as I could get seeing as how little girl will be staying with her big brothers for several years, until we can add another room on. 

We have relocated all of the children's toys into the den/family room.  That is where we all spend the most time and it just made sense.  Clean up is far easier now that the boys don't have to haul the toys back and forth from the den to their room, just dump everything is some old trunks we have in the den. 

This also leaves their room clean, clutter free and safe.  Yes, safe. If you are a mom you know all to well how dangerous a lego, hotwheel or GI Joe can be left out on the floor.  You go to check on the kids and the next thing you know is your doing the one legged stork hop and falling into a book case.....its tragic. 

We have a fabulous church family who has lent us a nice crib and the boys have their double on bottom single on top bunk beds.  We figure we can fit a few more kids in their before we are at maximum occupancy ; )

I have set myself to learning to keep house better and so far the schedule and techniques I have learned are working marvelously.  Will have to post again about that.