Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Updates and more

*We found out I was pregnant again for the 4th time this fall and am now at 21 weeks.  It was a surprise, coming only a few months after my miscarriage. We are amazed at HIS blessings! Also, we are 90% sure this little one is a girl and will have another sonogram to confirm.  : ) Due date June 24th.

* My 27th birthday is this next week.  I never thought about being this age and it feels weird. 

* We took a trip to sea world in December and it was an amazing Christmas present from family.   Will post pics soon. 

* We have been struggling with disciplining our strong willed 4 year old.  I can't recommend "To Train Up A Child" enough.  Please ignore the bad press and read it for yourself. I do not stand behind the Pearl's theology but their child training tactics are based in scripture, common sense, and effective. 

* Homeschool has already begun.  And I hear what your saying, "there is no need for formal school at 4 years" But a busy Jacob is a well behaved Jacob.  I move at his pace and he is thoroughly enjoying phonics and science at this point.  Will post more about this later. 

* With pregnancy sickness and exhaustion I have been struggling to keep the house going and have backed out of all activities outside our home. 

* My grandmother is moved out and being cared for by people I chose for her..  She is undeniably not saved and a danger to our children.  We pray for her but that is all that seems to be effective at this point in time.  At 101 she doesn't have much time left so I would appreciate any prayers sent up for her.

* We have begun a new path in life, paying more attention to what we eat and use on our bodies.  We have begun using essential oils for health purposes and all natural body products.  We eat more healthy and  I cook from scratch a lot more.  I will have a separate post for this as well. 

New posts coming soon.  Have so much to write down, so many thoughts to think through.