Saturday, September 15, 2012


I must say the main reason I started writing on here was to keep a journal or the happenings in our lives and I am sad to say I do about as well with it as I have any other journals I have attempted in the past. 

Update #1- Baby #3 was born June 16th at home, in the water and most decidedly is NOT a girl!
                                          Daniel Ray Holder June 16th 2012 8lbs 10oz 21 in

Oh, how I love my house full of boys! And yes, I do believe, my white hair has spread.  But....that's besides the point.  What a blessing, my cup runneth over!

Update #2 Jason did, in fact, get the promotion we were praying for and is now the leader of his own crew.  He is so grounded and good natured that he is excelling at his new role.  Of course, I could be biased : )

Update #3 Homeschool has "officially" started with Jacob, my now 5 year old.  (yikes!!)
Jacob (5) with Daniel (2 days)      

We started off with My Father's World Kindergarten and I do love the hands-on, book-rich learning.  However, it is soo s-l-o-w.  Jacob cries when we finish a lesson and wants to do MORE. : p It's terrifying how many calls I would receive from the principals office if I had sent Jacob to public school. Because of his brithday they would have enrolled him in PRE-K.  He would have been so far ahead in most things he would have been trouble...pure and simple.
Because I love the Charlotte Mason approach, I believe I will start researching it more and build a curriculum based on that.  I am saving most of My Father's World for Mikey and will start at a younger age.

Update # 4 Speaking of my "little Mikey".......
Mikey after a full day shopping, barely made it in the house before passing out for a nap. 
Mikey is only 3 lbs under his brother who is 2.5 years older than him.  Mikey is strong enough to do pull ups and can carry a gallon of milk without breaking a sweat.  My "little Mikey" is no longer little and is quickly approaching 3 years old. How time flies.......

That's all I can manage for now.  I will leave you with an up-to-date picture of Daniel at 3 months and hope to write here again soon!

God Bless!

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