Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Garden 2010

I am so excited I can hardly stay in place!

This past weekend we purchased our plants and seeds for this years garden and I must say I am very optimistic. Of course, every gardener is optimistic at the beginning of the season before the drought and the bugs and the children and puppies dig everything up and.......

But we're not going to think about that right now because it's spring in central Texas and its BEAUTIFUL!

This year we plan to use the Square Foot Gardening Method

It seems that this method is simple and effective. If anyone has used it I would love some input!

I have also been pretty ambitious on my flower bed planning and think that it will be both pretty and useful.

You want a recap of last year you say? Well, the garden started off nicely. We had tons of green beans and tomatoes and okra for us and squash and greens for our critters.

But in May I discovered I was pregnant (yipee!) and my old friend morning sickness soon followed (boo!) Did you know that plants won't survive without water and weeding? Not to mention it was one of the hottest summers on record. Sooooo.....the rest of the summer was spent on the couch or with my head in the toilet while my poor garden whithered away outside. (Beautiful imagery, huh?)
We'll call it a "good trial run" though. = )

So with the future looking bright here is a list of what we hope to plant this year:

lettuce (bibb and looseleaf)
green beans
pumpkin (2 types)
heirloom tomatoes
bell peppers
yellow squash
collard greens
blackberry bushes (2)

morning glory's

Wish us luck! We'll be posting pictures!

**UPDATE** We didn't even get the flowers planted when our puppy decided to use them as chew toys. So, we have had some losses. = (

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