Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Potty Training Update

Okay, so right after I wrote this post about Jacob being late in potty training according to society.....he potty trained in one day. grrrrr.

One Day.

It took 1 day of me setting the timer and making him go in there every 30 minutes.It took a lot of juice and patience and some underwear.  It also took some discipline when he refused to listen and follow directions.  And I went through a lot of skittles when he did go.

One stinkin' day.


So since then he has stayed dry every night except twice, and that was because I gave him juice right before bed. oops.
He is still not wanting to sit and go potty but he's got the standing thing down. 

And now, I'm kind of sad.  Sounds silly but to me this was the last milestone of being a baby....he's no longer a baby.  **tear**

Now for my second one, he love the toilet.....he loves splashing in it, tries to play with the toilet brush and toilet paper....he should potty train easy right?


  1. My potty trainer also decided in one day that he was done with his diapers/pull-ups. Go figure. By the way, I love the new look of your blog!!! What is the font you are using? It's the perfect size.

  2. Little ones are so silly : ) Thanks for the compliment! I looked it up and in Template Designer I chose 18px Georgia font. I am so glad you like it!