Friday, July 22, 2011


Today I am tomato staking.
Today I am praying instead of getting angry when I have to separate a fight for the 100th time. 
Today I am reading the Bible and praying over Jacob when he loses his temper and when Mikey is determined not to obey. 
Today I won't cry when I repack my maternity clothes. God saw fit to take her home and I can't begrudge him for that. 
Today I won't waste my time reading about how other housewives can do it better when I should be taking care of my own.
Today I will have everything done my husband has asked me to do.
Today I will consider deleting my blog.
God is helping me today because He knows I need it. Today I am clinging to the cross.


  1. Oh Melodie. I am so sorry.
    I was thinking of you a couple of days ago and wondering how you were doing. I will pray for you and hug you close in my heart.

  2. Don't delete it! =) I have a blog too, but it needs some maintenance. hehe. Love u!