Monday, February 22, 2010

Introduction Part II

*Be sure to read Introduction first*

The climax of this story comes when I, the unsatisfiable, decides that we need to move to increase our business opportunities. We found a building in a small town to set up a pet shop. the landlord was a strongly feminist woman, almost to the point of man-hating. Needless to say, I got us in over our heads, buried in a mountain of debt and no where to go, miles from home.

Our stay there was anything but pleasant. I constantly quarreled with my husband, who I had manipulated into doing what I wanted much the way Eve had done Adam. Soon after moving in our landlady (bitterly divorced) saw no reason for my husband and filled my head again with all sorts of worldly ideas under the guise of a Godly sister just trying to help.

Embittered towards my husband, enraged by my plans for a grand business not panning out, worried by debt and depressed by our situation, I finally turned where I should have all along, God.

The proverbial light bulb came on and I immediately saw the error of my ways. I had disregarded my husband as leader of our family and shirked my God-given duties of being a mommy to my little boy. I had been the fool so oft spoken of in Proverbs and I was humbled by this.

I handed my life over to God and told Him to lead the way.

"..and to him who knocks, the door will be opened." Mat 7:7

Soon after, my husband found a job that he enjoyed and we found a rent house that would take us with our bad credit and mengagerie of animals in tow. I had a special feeling about this house; a little dilapidated 1930's 2 bedroom, 1 bath with a large yard and storage shed; it was a perfect fit. I fully believed, and still do, that God led us to this house just as he led my husband to his new job.

Our debt still lingered from my reckless decision, we put everything into paying it off. When our hectic pace brought on by the new transition died down I took stock of everything. We didn't have much, we had given up everything to make the move and our business work. We had to sell most of our animals to pay our debt, our business was officially closed. And yet, we were happy. Truly happy. We had each other, I found a new joy at being able to stay home with my son, making up for time lost. I had trusted God and he led us, its as simple as that.

I set out a new goal, based upon bible reading and the leadership of other anti-feminist Christian women ( many whom you will find in my blog roll). I became joyfully submissive to my husband, prayed daily, sought out a church, tried to think kind thoughts and concentrated on being a helpmeet to my husband and a Godly mother.

For the first time in my life I felt fulfilled. I didn't need to make money to contribute to our family. I realized that every time I made dinner or wiped a nose I was contributing the way I should be. My husband and I began to get along beautifully, everything was clicking into place.

God had already blessed us so much but in April he blessed us a gain and I became pregnant with our second son. Over time I have only grown stronger in my faith, I have improved immensely in housekeeping and find myself having a lot more patience.
God's love is astounding and I owe all of this to Him.

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