Monday, April 5, 2010

$1 Easter Lilly's at HEB and More

I hit the after-Easter sales today at walmart and HEB.  All of the Easter merchandise and candy are 1/2 off at walmart.  Beware though, some things are still cheaper if you buy the regular type of candy instead of the "Easter version".  I did get a great deal on Resses eggs that are the same as the regular candy. 

This sale is especially wonderful because we don't get to celebrate the commercial egg-hunting part of Easter until the 18th.  So by waiting until today I got everything I needed for Jacob's Easter for 1/2 off! woohoo!

Another tip: If you wait until next weekend the pickens' will be slim but everything will be 75 percent off or more! 

 HEB had Easter 6 inch Easter Lilly's for $1!  They are a spring flower so I don't think they last long but for a $1?  AWESOME.  

Hope this helps!

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