Wednesday, April 7, 2010

WFMW: Freezer Cooking Week Instead of Day

This is my first ever Works-For-Me Wednesday post!!!!! Can you tell I'm excited?!? It's also a little late....oops. = )

I have just recently started freezer cooking and I admit, it was very daunting at first.  Although we do not have a large family its is still so much easier to have meals 1/2 way prepared so that we are not tempted to eat junk or worse, eat out. 

However, the big day of cooking was not working.  I was overwhelmed and my tiny little kitchen could not handle it. And by tiny, I mean its approximately 9 x 6.  Yep, it was once a porch that the previous owners re-purposed for a kitchen.  I'll be sure to post pictures later = ).

Back on topic, I decided that instead of cramming it into a day I could spread it out over a week.  Its still a lot of work but 1 weeks worth of work is a lot better than the grueling task of figuring out what to fix each. and. every. night and undoubtedly not having anything thawed out.

For example, this week I did my planning and shopping on Monday.  On Tuesday I made my vegetable dishes: broccoli and cheese casserole and deserts: banana pudding.  

Today I made my beef dishes: shepherds pie, Cavatini (to die for!), and browned some extra to toss into spagetti etc later. 

Tomorrow I will make my chicken dishes: chicken pot pie, warm chicken salad and extra chicken for other dishes. 

And finally, Friday I will make my corn dog muffins (I can't remember where I got this recipe, can anyone help?) and homemade ham and cheese hot pockets.  I will also chop up and freeze some onion to have for recipes and make another batch of breakfast burritos, sausage patties and waffles. 

While most people like knocking it out in one day, I find that Freezer cooking is best spread out and that's what Works for Me.

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