Friday, August 6, 2010

An Award... For ME????!

The sweet lady at Stairstep Boys gave me an award!!!

Ok, now that I have picked me jaw up off the floor, I would like to thank God, my first grade teacher Mrs. Mills, coffee………

Seriously, I think that is so sweet and such an honor that people with such awesome, inspiring blogs take the time to read my scribbles. (Since its electronic are they still scribbles?)

So when you get an award you are supposed to:

1)acknowledge the award
2)tell 7 things about myself
3)and pass it on!

The Seven Things

1)At one time I knew all of the scientific names for every common (and some not so common) reptile pets. Pogona vitteceps, anyone?

2)I never used to wear dresses but I do all the time now, and love it!

3)I almost finished my degree to be a teacher but Hated College

4) I own 2 rifles, and a shotgun and used to be a pretty good shot when I practiced.

5) I never knew how to cook until I got married and taught myself. You can have pity on
my poor husband = (

6) Can’t believe I’m admitting this one but…..I used to dress gothic and was into Wicca in high school. How scary is that?

7)And…..I guess another animal one….When we traveled and sold pets at trade shows I wore an 8 foot albino Burmese python wrapped around me. You can see a picture here of when she was smaller. = )

And now to pass it along.Congrats y'all!  Your blogs rock!


Our Meanwhile Ranch

Thy Hand Hath Provided


  1. Melodie, Thank you so much!! I had my head half shaved and wore combat boots in high school. Thank goodness for phases, right?

  2. Ok. I'm learning all kinds of things about everyone!
    Melodie, first of all my husband would be so proud of your fact #4. Second I went through many phases myself & dabbled a bit in the goth look but was never too hardcore.

    Thy Hand Hath Provided, my mouth fell open when I read your comment. For some reason that completely surprises me!

    I will say that for a period of time I thought that cutoff jean shorts with ripped black tights & combat boots were a really good look for me.