Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pondering Family Worship

This painting hangs over our dining table

 My husband and I have been discussing daily worship and how it should look for our family. So, to tell you what we currently do:

  • We each read the Bible in the morning separately. He reads his at work during morning break and I read mine before the kids wake up. During this time we read the Proverb of the day (August 1st we read the 1st proverb etc) and then I think it varies daily from that. I also read various books about Biblical womanhood during the week, examples of these are in my sidebar.

  • We pray at the dinner table. We may pray separately throughout the day but its sporadic to say the least.

  • At night we re-read the days proverb together and a psalm. We read a Bible story out of “The Jesus Storybook Bible” by Sally Lloyd-Jones. (I LOVE THIS BOOK!) We’ve also been reading a Christian themed golden book or something similar to the children.

  • After the kids are in bed. Jason and I read aloud to one another from a book we are working on. Right now it’s the 1689 London Baptist confessional and “What is Reformed Theology” by R.C. Sproul. We also read through the Bible, a chapter or so a night. Right now we are in Esther.

Okay, so areas for improvement. WE NEED TO PRAY MORE! I do believe we are praying, quietly to ourselves throughout the day as it says in 1 Thessolonians to “Pray without ceasing.”But we need to be praying together and often.

THIS is where we need the most work.

As new believers, praying out loud is a very humbling experience. A lot of this stems from not knowing what to do.
So where should we turn? God’s word and we'll be doing just that over the next few days in regards to this very topic. 

I have recently seen a few posts on a family worship area. You can look at them here and here.

Wow. That’s all I can say.

I can certainly see a place for an area like this in our home, somewhere to go to the Lord with purpose to pray and study his Word. We’ll be discussing this more and praying about it to see how we can implement it.

Second, we are going to start working on the catechism. No, it’s not Catholic, that’s what I thought it was. We’ve been doing it at church and it helps. Anything that will help our children learn the truth of the Lord and “write it on the tablet of their hearts” is good for us!

Many people put music into their family worship…….maybe one day? My toddler hates music for some reason but he seems to be warming up to the hymns and worship songs I listen to in the mornings during chore time. They are my way of daily praise, I feel connected this way.
Now, our whole family doing it? One step at a time …

Does anyone have any Bible study book suggestions? Thoughts?
Did any of you struggle with praying out loud when you became believers? Are we just goobers? Okay, don’t answer the last one.

Anyway, I will leave you with the song I am listening to currently. I heard it for the first time at our church and wow….. Enjoy : )


  1. The Exemplary Husband with The Excellent Wife. Brian and I are reading those right now. And then we're moving on to Shepherding Your Child's Heart (we read half of this last winter, and never finished).

    We're thinking about a Catechism too. I saw one for children free online somewhere, and I can't remember where.

    Family Worship is prayer, scripture memorization, reading, discussion, prayer again. We sometimes sing a Hymn, I'd like to do it every night.

    We also pray with Brian before he leaves for work. And again when he gets home for lunch.

    The kids and I "do bible" for school each morning...reading, narration, bible song or hymn...we're also supposed to do scripture memorization then, but for some reason I keep forgetting.

    You're on your way. And, I agree, I still have a hard time praying in front of Brian.

    P.S. We had that picture hanging in our dining room when I was growing up. You made me remember. Thank You.

  2. I loved hearing about how your family worships! The Excellent Wife is one of my favorites and I am so glad you enjoyed the picture of the painting I have. : )