Wednesday, August 18, 2010

WFMW: Swiffer Refills the Cheap Way

Ok, I am sure many of you out there in blog land have already thought of this, but I came upon an amazing (at least to me it was) discovery yesterday.


Has anyone noticed how expensive those little over-glorified paper towels are? Yeah, I could make 2 meals for the kind of $$$$ and it takes me 2 or 3 just to get the floor semi- clean after the toddler demolition crew a.k.a. my 3 year old gets done playing.

So after careful inspection of the Swiffer device I came up with the following:

This is a blue shop towel I cut into thirds and attached 1/3 of it to my swiffer.  It is thin enough to push down into those little grabber thingys (hey, you try to think of a better term) and its rough enough to really scrub the floor. 
I then just sprayed it with a multi-purpose all natural cleaner and away I went.  It not only held up better, it cleaned better. 
When I was done I just threw it in the laundry. How easy is that? 
I plan on making some vinegar/water cleaner to use, but right now, this is what works for me.

Do y'all have any other ideas on how to improve it? Have y'all done this before?

I completely forgot to link up last Wednesday's WFMW so here it is.


  1. The shop towel is genius! I have tried using old cut up towels, etc. But I still got frustrated with how expensive the cleaner itself was. Duh! Make my own. Honestly I don't know why in the world that didn't occur to me. But, I'm so glad I read this post.

    P.S. - I got my swiffer at a discount store at a super reduced price. But, when I saw how expensive the refills I was like "They want HOW much $ for something I'm gonna throw away???!!!" I kinda have the same issue with toilet paper, but haven't come up with any solutions for that issue. I guess I gotta keep shoveling out the dough.

  2. You crack me up Karen! I have to give my husband some credit, I think he mentioned the idea to me a while back : ) But I do stress some....LOL

  3. I use old baby burp rags! They work great!

  4. Brilliant! Yes those suckers are too expensive to be replacing all the time!