Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Re-using Containers

I've been putting off posting this for a couple of reasons.  First, I'm horrible at taking pictures!  Second, I was trying to avoid any controversy.  So here is my tip and then I'll tell you about the controversy.

I love being able to re-use things!  Not only are you recycling and therefore caring for the Earth that God entrusted us with, but you get twice the return on the item.  In other words, you've used it once and then you use it again for something else. That equals saving money!

Whenever I empty out a container of any kind I look at it and think........and yes that usually hurts. ; )
I think about the following:

1) Is this container a good sturdy container?
2) Has this container been contaminated so that I need to toss it i.e. been used with raw meet or chemicals?
3) Do I have a foreseeable need for a container of this size and make?

Examples of containers would be laundry detergent boxes, gallon bags used for freezer storage, pringles cans, oatmeal cans, butter tubs (and plastic tubs that are similar) and finally Formula cans.
Okay, so this is where the controversy comes in: I use formula.  There I said it..... 

Some of you may think I'm silly for thinking that is a big deal, but in certain circles, especially whose blogs I read, Formula = evil.  So before we go any further I would like to clear a few things up:
- I am fully aware of the goodness of nursing (better for baby, prevents all kinds of problems with the mom)
- I am aware that formula is not ideal and that its expensive
- I have had problems nursing (I'll post about it sometime) so that is why I use formula
- My babies go on table food and whole milk asap

I know that everyone does things different and that's great!  I am feeding my children right?  That is the ultimate goal, isn't it?  Then we shouldn't quibble over how, when and what.  

Okay, now that I've stepped down off of my soapbox.  Here are some ideas for these containers.

Oatmeal cans- not only are they great for your kids to play with in their play kitchens but they can hold many items. Jacob has several filled with his play kitchen food.  I've used them to hold dry beans and rice.

Butter tubs are great for leftovers but can hold lots of other things as well.  Why spend the money on expensive name-brand plastic containers with lids? We are fond of cottage cheese, if you can't tell. = )

Leftovers and premade meals
Pet Rat Food

Last, but not least, is my favorite The Formula Container.  They are sturdy, different sizes and seal really well.  Just rip off the label and let your imagination run wild.  = )

Before and After

toys, especially the kind that seem to get under my feet
Rice/Beans etc

And this is kind of an idea I had for Christmas:

Photo Credit

I'm thinking of wrapping the lid separate than the canister and then adding a nice bow.  I could fill it with different Christmas goodies layers with tissue paper? Just an idea I'll have to play around with. = )

This is my list, but their are so many other things you could do with used containers.  I'd love to hear your ideas!

God Bless,

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  1. Thanks for your comment :)

    Some brilliant ideas there for re-using tins! Formula tins are nice and big as well and have come in handy to hold some tools in our shed!

    Another favorite is Wall's ice cream tubs (not sure are they the same in the US as in the UK), great for holding flour etc and stacking in cupboards, saves a lot of space!